Corporate Social Responsibility

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Krishna Group has been committed to contribute to socio economic development of communities and improve quality of life of weaker and underprivileged section of society via the adoption of an effective CSR approach through myriad interventions in the peripheral areas of its establishments. Before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) found place in corporate lexicon, it was already textured into our Group's value systems. The Group has legacy of value based community development initiatives since decade and are guided by vision and philosophy of our Founder Chairman, Mr. Ashok Kapur and Mrs Arti Kapur who embodied the concept of social development in business and laid foundation for ethical, value based and transparent functioning.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities of Krishna Group are guided by the vision of its Founder, Mr Ashok Kapur, who embodied the concept of happiness and positivity into CSR vision as “Spreading happiness, positivity, awareness through human, social, economic and natural capital development for ensuring healthy, educated, skilled and empowered communities. Since its inception, KML has been socially responsible corporate going beyond legal and statutory requirements to make responsible investment in the community. In continuation to the legacy of a responsible corporate citizenship, CSR activities being undertaken at the Group are derived and guided by the triple bottom line model of People, Planet and Profit, Millenium development goals and Companies Act 2013. Through its social investments, Krishna Group addresses the needs of communities residing in the vicinity of its facilities, taking sustainable initiatives in the areas of health, education, environment conservation, care for orphan children, infrastructure and community development. For implementation of CSR activities, Group has established Sat Krishna Public Charitable Trust. Most of the projects under CSR are implemented through Sat Krishna Trust. Major community development initiatives are undertaken adjoining our area of operation benefiting children, youth and women at large through its quality delivery

CSR Approach and Strategies

Our projects are carried out under the aegis of the "Sat Krishna Charitable Trust ", its social and charitable arm. Sat Krishna Charitable Trust has been implementing activities/projects on the basis of recommendation of its trustees and recommendation from CSR committee, approved by Board of Directors The trust has been implementing partner for various public charitable works as well as various CSR projects for Krishna group as per schedule VII of Companies Act 2013: CSR projects are been implemented  either directly through company’s trust or through partner NGOs, registered societies, Government bodies, expert agencies, consultancy firms etc in case project require expertise of external agencies. At the same time, we network and collaborate with like-minded bilateral and unilateral agencies to share ideas, draw from each other's experiences.
Our focus is on the all-round development of the communities around our plants located mostly in distant rural and suburban areas.
The Trust has been spearheading welfare and development activities in the fields of Education, Skill development, Health, Setting and operationalization of orphanage, Community Development, Environment, Infrastructure and Livelihood development and Women Empowerment.
Our partners in development are government bodies, district authorities, village panchayats and end beneficiaries — the villagers.

CSR Vision and Mission

Company Vision is “To be Happy, Positive, Technology and Growth driven organization”.  The company has always endeavored to conduct its business responsibly with its five core values: Customer delight, Ownership, Respect for individual, Quality, and innovation and creativity.

CSR Vision

Spreading happiness, positivity, and improving quality of life of community through human, social, economic, physical and natural capital development ensuring healthy, educated, skilled and empowered communities.

CSR Mission

  • To improve the quality of life of the communities we operate and create equitable and inclusive society by undertaking processes that lead to sustainable development and long term value creation for our stakeholders”.
  • To implement sustainable community development programmes through public/private partnerships in and around our areas of operations.
  • To protecting environment and ensuring environmental sustainability.
  • Encouraging our employees to serve communities by volunteering and by sharing their skills and expertise.


CSR Policy

CSR policy of the company is prepare, formulated and recommended by CSR committee to the Board and indicate the activities to be undertaken as per as per as per schedule VII of Companies Act 2013.

Board of directors

Message from CMD

Krishna Group Corporate Vision aims to be a leading company that sets the standards for the socially responsible way of business and creating value among all stakeholders, on a continuous basis. Through our commitment for sustainable development, we aim to enrich the environment, communities and the lives of the people in conjunction with our Mission Statement, viz., To be happy, positive and growth driven organisation. Krishna Group  have been successful in serving the Community and society through social and community development initiatives, and by creating a number of possibilities of sharing our benefits with the unpriviledge section of society. This is done in participatory and partnership approach, thus making the organisation a responsible corporate partner of the people. Group believes in proactively involving communities and those deprived of fruits of development to be equal stakeholders in growth and development in locations that are close to its operations.

Group CSR Committee & Team

Mrs Arti kapur

Mr Ram natarajan

Mr Sanjay Labroo

We at Krishna Group, are involved in community development work since decades. We have been implementing development projects with passion and commitment. Now we have streamlined our CSR process. We undertake need assessment of the village through discussion and prepare our budget and set targets in the beginning of the financial year for new community development initiatives. Achievement of those targets will not only accomplish our aspirations but will also impact the lives of the people. Our focus is on empowerment through education, skill development, Health and Women empowerment.


Health Care
Skill Development and Employability
Care for Orphan Children
Women Empowerment
Community Infrastructure Development


Sat Krishna Pratham Learning Excellence program

Sat Krishna in partnership with Pratham foundation initiated Learning excellence program in 11 Government schools and Community near to our operational area

Objective of this program is to –

  • To improve quality of education at primary level in Govt schools
  • Improvement in learning levels i.e basic literacy and numeracy skills, reading, writing and basic maths among children through activity and innovative learning techniques.
  • Identifying dropouts from nearby villages Narsinghpur and Mohammadpur and providing them quality education and later mainstreaming them to formal education.

The project aims to provide good and stimulating learning experience through Shiksha-Mittras (community teachers) and include setting up of reading programs, through innovative and activity based teaching learning material (TLM) including audio devices, Tablets, workbooks and Librarybooks.

The activities undertaken under these programs so far includes

  • Identification of  schools with adverse STR(Student teacher ratio)- About 11 schools and one community centre has been identified
  • Selection of teachers among educated young women of village- 24 women teachers has been selected from community. 
  • Training to these women Teachers –Training of all 24 teachers completed in baseline testing and content delivery – Eng/Hindi/Maths.
  • Testing on learning level of children at school and grouping them on basis of learning levels- Completed and students has been graded as per their levels.
  • Activity based accelerated learning techniques to be imparted – Teaching started with the use of activity based learning and audio visual.
  • Library Program – Evening library classes through audio devices in each schools for improvement in listening and comprehension skills.
  • Inculcate the habit of learning
  • Use of mix of bilingual books and audio devices.
  • Use of digital platform – Pradigi to deliver both story and interactive contents on Hindi, Eng and Maths
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Health Care

Sat Krishna Public Charitable Hospital

We are operating Sat Krishna Public Charitable Hospital at Narsinghpur village providing quality and affordable community health services at the grassroot level to solve the problem of accessibility & affordability of villagers. The hospital is equipped with Doctor and a paramedical staff. Free diagnosis and medicines is being provided to all the villagers visiting this Centre.
Our Health initiatives cater to approximately  25000 registered annually from five villages being Narsinghpur, Muhamadpur, Khirki Daula, Khandsa, Begumpur khatola.
Seeing the response of the program, we are planning to replicate it to other operational area and organize Health awareness and health camps to raise awareness among people on various issues of health and hygiene, Women and Child health, Immunization, Anemia reduction camps among adolescent girls and youths, Camps for pregnant women on nutrition and proper care etc.

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Skill Development and Employability

Sat Krishna Skill and Personality development Centre at Manesar

Sat Krishna Trust in partnership with NIIT foundation have established Skill and Personality development center in village Bans Hariya in Manesar area.

Objective of project –

  • To impart skill training and facilitate youths in getting gainful employment through training in IT, English, digital and financial literacy, Job Readiness Training with personality Development, Interview prep and Industry Visit. 

The project is expected to train more than 400 students under skill training and 750 students in digital and financial literacy for this year. About 60 students will be enrolled for Job Readiness training and would be provided with placement support after training. Thus the total impact for the year would be providing training to 1200 students.

Detail of courses are as follows:


Sat Krishna
Skills & Personality Development Center
A Community Learning initiative for skill building and employability
Courses Available
Course Name Duration
Spoken English 3 - 6 Months
Basics of Computer 3 Months
Certificate Course in Data Entry 3 Months
Job Readiness Training with Personality Development 1 Month
Digital & Financial Literacy 10 Days

Sat Krishna Udayan Care Orphanage Project

Sat Krishna trust believes that a loving home and family is right of every child. With this belief and passion, Sat Krishna Trust established orphanage in Narsinghpur village, Gurugram, Haryana. Since its inception, this home is nurturing orphaned and abandoned children in the warmth of a family at Krishna - Udayan Ghar, Narsinghpur.

The home provides following facilities and care to these special children

  • Provision of food and shelter in loving family environment.
  • Ensuring quality education to all children at best educational institutes of Gurgaon.
  • Monthly health checkup and care to all the childrens at Ghar.
  • Support provided for showcasing of talents and participation in extra curricular activities and sports.
  • Guidance provided on life skills, career.
  • Supporting these children to be independent by helping them to get employment.

Some of the children's at home have completed their stay by completing their studies and have been employed in different companies serving society as respectful citizens.

At present, there are 24 children under 18 yrs of age and about 3 children in after care between 18-21 yrs of age.

Skill Development for Women Empowerment

Beautician and Stitching tailoring program

Focuses on skill development and empowerment of women and adolescent girls from low socio-economic strata of the society. Training is provided to these women and adolescent girls in order to make them self-dependent.  This program is running since last four years and now women are saving lot of money by stiching their own dresses. Some of them have also started their own tailoring shops. Till the end of financial year 2016-17, number of women benefited from tailoring and beautician program are 215 and 222 respectively. The villages getting benefited are Narsinghpur, Muhamadpur, Khirki Daula, Khandsa, Begumpur khatola

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Environment protection

Employee engagement

Apart from above program, plantation drive was conducted at our Narsinghpur village centre in order to instill sense of environment conservation among the masses and recognizing importance of preserving the natural environment that sustain life of earth for future generation. This drive was made successful with active participation of employees from different plants, villages of Narsinghpur and our special children from Udayan Ghar. Other important dignitaries present in the program were Chairperson, Khadi and Gram Udyog, Govt of Haryana, Zila Mantri, Gurgaon and Sarpanchof village.

Employees were very enthusiastic during this program and planted around 200 saplings all around our Centre

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Program Partners

The success and the sustainability of project depend upon likeminded collaborations, where the roles, responsibilities and deliverables of each of the partners are clearly understood and executed. Krishna Group is humbled to be collaborated with numerous organisations including Government, NGOs and Corporate for community and sustainability projects. Following are the partnerships that are changing lives.

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