Sat Krishna Pratham Learning Excellence program

Sat Krishna in partnership with Pratham foundation initiated Learning excellence program in 11 Government schools and Community near to our operational area

Objective of this program is to –

  • To improve quality of education at primary level in Govt schools
  • Improvement in learning levels i.e basic literacy and numeracy skills, reading, writing and basic maths among children through activity and innovative learning techniques.
  • Identifying dropouts from nearby villages Narsinghpur and Mohammadpur and providing them quality education and later mainstreaming them to formal education.

The project aims to provide good and stimulating learning experience through Shiksha-Mittras (community teachers) and include setting up of reading programs, through innovative and activity based teaching learning material (TLM) including audio devices, Tablets, workbooks and Librarybooks. About 12 such Schools with adverse STR(Student teacher ratio)- has been identified and teachers are selected and trained among educated young women of village. Training provided to these teachers and education improvement program is implemented through activity based accelerated learning techniques and digital literacy Tab model by these . All the modules of Tab model is sync with Govt School. All these program are regularly improving quality of education in the schools and help to enroll drop outs and poor children who are never been to school and mainstream them to formal education by improving their learning, reading and writing level.